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EXPO 2019 - Application for Presenters

We are now recruiting academics as well as teaching and learning support units at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in all disciplines, who would like to share their work with the university community. We welcome presentations to showcase all ideas and practices in teaching and learning, ranging from the course to the institutional level, regardless of whether technology is involved or not.



  • Curriculum enhancements and innovations

  • Pedagogical changes for learning enhancements
    (e.g. active learning, flipped classroom approach, and authentic learning, etc.)

  • MOOC/Courseware/Micro-module developments

  • Application/Innovation of educational technologies including VR/AR

  • Assessment and evaluation enhancements

  • Learning analytics and AI in Education

  • Other topics related to teaching and learning


Application is open for the following categories:

Submit Application

Method 1: Submit through online abstract submission system

Method 2: Complete the abstract submission form (MS Word format) and email to expo@cuhk.edu.hk



Important Dates


Oct 30, 2019    

Extended abstract submission deadline


Nov 1, 2019    

Notification of acceptance / rejection release


Rescheduled - date to be announced
Deadline for submitting poster e-copy for free poster print service, short video and short paper. (Optional)


Rescheduled - date to be announced    

Deadline for submitting presentation materials


Rescheduled - date to be announced 

Event day


Rescheduled - date to be announced

Poster exhibition



Abstract Submission Guidelines


The abstracts will be reviewed by the Expo Organising Committee. Relevance to the themes of Expo and originality of approach are our major considerations.


All accepted abstracts, short papers, posters and short videos will be housed in the Expo website.


Abstracts will be published exactly as entered if accepted.


  • Length

  • The abstract's length should be a maximum of 250 words.


  • Language

  • Abstract submitted for presentation should be in English.




  • Speakers of all accepted abstracts have an OPTION to submit a 3 minutes (max) video to the  organising committee, to provide basic information about their work. These videos will be made available to the public BEFORE the event day. The purpose is to enrich the interactions and exchanges. For example, if a participant has already understood the basics of the work in a certain poster, he or she can ask more in-depth and direct questions on the day.