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Virtual Reality (VR)/ Augmented reality (AR)


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Perfect or Imperfect Match: Applications of the Controller and Leap Motion Device in the Development of the Immersive Virtual Reality Simulator

Dr. Florence Mei Kuen TANG, School of Biomedical Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Dr. Olivia Miu Yung NGAN, CUHK Centre of Bioethics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Mr. Ray Mau Fung LEE, Information Technology Services Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Ms. Ching Yee LEE, Department of Information Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


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The concept of “virtual experiential learning” has become hostable for the better enhancement to students who must be well-trained for good laboratory practice and etiquettes.

The project was to build up innovative courseware using HTC VIVE IVR as the simulator for understanding the proper procedure to operate the gamma irradiator. Our team has adopted two different controlling systems for the operation, i.e. the HTC controller and the leap motion device for the virtual operation of machine. The pilot study was to investigate which types of virtual handling systems is helpful in stimulating students with limited laboratory experience in operation radioactive machine, preventing unpredictable accidental issues.

During the pilot study, the focus group of biomedical sciences students played and compared the two controlling system. They all agreed that the HTC controller was good enough to control the operation process but did not have any sensation of the hands-object interaction. Regarding the leap-motion device system, it has been integrated in the IVR courseware for the motion of tracking player’s hand. The leap motion device has been mounted on the headset, students need to place the forearms higher for tracking the movement of the hands. Some of the students forgot the rules that keep the hands in the detectable range during the simulation, the virtual stuff will be disappeared. However, they still enjoy the training indeed as they use their hands to gain the learning process.

To conclude, the outcome of the courseware can enhance students’ motivation to learn and equip their necessities in the future career path.

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