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EXPO 2019/20 - Welcome Messages


Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Professor Rocky S. TUAN 

Vice-Chancellor / President 

Lee Quo Wei and Lee Yick Hoi Lun Professor of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

In the face of the unprecedented challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it lifts our spirits to witness the expedient and inspirational actions taken by the dedicated teachers of CUHK in providing quality education to our students.  Experimental pedagogies and technologies, and new communities and collaborative groups have been developed.  I am particularly gratified at the results of the Course and Teaching Evaluation (CTE) exercise for Term 2 of 2019-20, and I am sure that there are lots of success stories and innovative ideas to be shared among us.  I am therefore enthusiastically inviting all of you to participate in the first-ever online Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo (the Expo) to be held between 28-30 July 2020.

The Expo is one of the most important annual events at CUHK where teachers showcase their creative ideas and pedagogical practices in teaching and learning, providing an excellent platform for the exchange of ideas and exploration of new horizons in education.  A special highlight of the Expo this year is the session “Challenges and opportunities: the social unrest and COVID-19 experience”, a forum for sharing the pains and gains in such turbulent times.  I believe that the presentations will be both enlightening and inspiring.


I have continuously been impressed with the deep commitment of my CUHK colleagues in exploring and experimenting with novel teaching approaches for the benefits of our students.  It is especially exciting to see how technological advances have enhanced and transformed teaching and learning, resulting in deeper understanding of the needs of students.  I sincerely wish the Expo a great success and I look forward to your joining the event.  Together, we will face and overcome the new challenges ahead with the spirit of innovation and collaboration.


Message from the Provost


Professor Alan K.L. CHAN


J.S. Lee Professor of Chinese Culture

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


The Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo has served as an excellent platform for insightful teaching ideas since its launch in the year of 2007. This year, in response to the pandemic situation, the Expo will go online and be extended to a 3-day event from 28 July to 30 July 2020, with passionate teachers not only from CUHK but also from other institutions in Hong Kong sharing their good practices in teaching and learning.


On the first day, we will have the winners of the University Education Award 2019 sharing the secret to their success. Prof. Darwin Tat Ming LAU is from the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering and he was won the UGC Teaching Award last year. He will talk about the experience in providing rich hands-on experience for his students through capstone projects, competitions, and working with amputee patients. Dr. LEUNG Fung Lin Elean and her team in the Physical Education Unit will share how the instructional model of the Required Physcial Education Programme cultivates physical literacy and promotes students’ lifelong physical activity. The last talk will be given by Prof. Sidharth JAGGI from the Department of Information Engineering. He will talk about his most recent experience in teaching a fully-flipped fully-online class. I look forward to learning more about their endeavours.


The Poster Presentations and Parallel Talks are always highlights of the annual event. The community-style atmosphere encourages teachers to freely and comfortably share their achievements, teaching innovations, advanced pedagogical approaches, and exciting educational research in the past year. These presentations will be grouped according to their theme and carried out from Day 1 afternoon to Day 3. I encourage all of you to find the themes that interest you and actively engage in the discussions.


In these difficult times, it is even more important for us to learn from and lean on each other. I believe that the sharing on teaching and assessment strategies in response to the class suspension in the past semester will be very meaningful and useful. I am excited to learn more from all of you.




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