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EXPO 2018

  • Welcome Messages

Message from the Vice-Chancellor


Professor Rocky S. TUAN


Vice-Chancellor / President

Lee Quo Wei and Lee Yick Hoi Lun Professor of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Now in its twelfth year running, the Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo is widely acknowledged as one of the most valuable events at CUHK where faculty and staff celebrate their recent teaching achievements and exchange good practices. It therefore brings me great pleasure to invite you all to this annual occasion which will take place on 7th December.


Technological advances have gradually, but fundamentally, transformed the way we learn and teach. Take reality technology as an example. Not long ago, it was well publicized in the world of gaming. Recently, it has made considerable inroads into educational arenas. Another example would be the digitalization of learning resources. As of 2016/17, more than 2,700 micro-modules were adopted in CUHK and the duration of the micro-modules produced was over 1,600 hours. These remarkable developments pave way for the possibility of implementing new teaching strategies, such as the flipped classroom approach, that would further revolutionize the classroom experience and the role of teachers.

Good instructional approaches do not necessarily involve technology, but they are equally challenging to implement. In last year’s Expo, two exceptional keynote speakers showed us how field experiential teaching and the ‘self-practice/self-reflection’ activities could engage students in learning processes and achieve some important educational goals such as active and authentic learning. I am glad that through the Expo, the wisdom behind these effective practices can be disseminated across disciplines.


We need to equip ourselves with new skills and knowledge in order to enjoy the fruits of any technological breakthroughs and guide students to succeed in endeavors they set for themselves. This is why the Expo is a much-valued platform where the best minds in higher education can learn from each other’s experience and make exciting discoveries together. I believe that this year the Expo will continue to serve these purposes and cultivate a stronger community spirit amongst ourselves.


Finally, I wish Expo 2018 a huge success and look forward to learning from all of you on the day.


Message from the Provost 


Professor Benjamin W. WAH 



Wei Lun Professor of Computer Science and Engineering 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

Ever since its launch in the year of 2007, The Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo has served as an excellent platform for teachers not only from CUHK, but also other institutions in Hong Kong, to share their practices and innovations in teaching and learning. 

I’m more than glad to hear that the awardees of the 2018 University Teaching Award, Dr LAI Hon-weng from the Department of Management, Dr YUEN Kwan Yuk from the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics and Professor FAN Tingting from the Department of Marketing, have all agreed to share their valuable experiences of teaching in the keynote sessions. 

Like previous years, the Poster Presentations and Parallel Talks will showcase the impressive achievements of teachers from CUHK as well as other universities, ranging from the development of educational emerging technologies such as the making of Micro-Module Courseware, to the applications of new pedagogical concepts such as experiential learning and case-based learning. Besides, videos will also be used to assist their showcase. 


The Student Voice, following the trend of the Flipped Classroom approach, will continue to concentrate on the learners’ perspectives on the various teaching and learning innovations, such as the new visual techniques such as AR and VR and the enrichments they lead to in teaching and self-learning materials. 


On behalf of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, I would like to express a warm welcome to all of you. I wish the Expo a big success and we all learn skills and strategies that enhance teaching and learning.


Message from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Professor Isabella Wai-yin POON


Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President 
Professor, Department of Statistics 
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

I would like to invite you all to join the 2018 Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo co-hosted by the Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR) and the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). The Expo is a meaningful annual event that gathers passionate people, encourages innovative minds and nurtures transformations of teaching and learning paradigms.

I have participated in the previous Expo many times and still remember the moments of experience sharing of my teaching practices over presentations and the robust discussions with other passionate teachers. Year by year, the Expo has strived for continuous enhancement with much accomplishment. Last year, I was impressed to observe the VR/AR demonstrations by several groups of pioneering teachers who showcased how they had integrated the emerging technologies into their courseware to create immersive learning environment. These up-close experiences have stimulated interests of many other teachers and the University has proactively allocated funding to promote the development through Micro-Module Courseware Development (MMCD) Grant Schemes. 

I am also delighted to see that discussions on teaching and learning have become more dynamic in recent years as students and colleagues from other universities have also joined the event to share with us their ideas, experiences and achievements. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of them.   With the support of many enthusiastic teachers and students, I am sure that we will have a fruitful and rewarding day on the upcoming 2018 Teaching and Learning Innovation ExPo.   




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