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Reinforcement of Language Map of CUHK 2.0

Pit Shun Lai



“CUHK Literary Walk”(中大文學散步) is an important teaching and learning activity proposed in the University Chinese Core “CHLT 1100 University Chinese I” , which students are guided by the teacher to appreciate the beauty of the campus by visit the scenic and historical spots on its campus described in the literary works by famous writers. “ Language Map of CUHK 2.0”(中大語文地圖2.0) is an mobile application which designs as an assisting tool for this learning activity which was supported by the Courseware Development Grant Scheme(2016-17) and Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant(2016-19).

The home page of the “Language Map of CUHK 2.0” is a CUHK cartoon map indicated with major landmarks. Users click on the landmarks will show the following three buttons:

1.Introduction(地景掌故): A descriptive record of the CUHK landmarks.
2.Writer’s works(山城筆跡): Compile the works of famous authors and students.
3.Write your words(舞文弄墨): Users may submit their work through Blackboard, Facebook and google form which will be periodically updated on the app after the works being screened by our team.

As CHLT 1100 University Chinese I focusing on develop the ability of observation and expressiveness of the student as the learning outcomes. We believe that the map can cultivate students’ observation skills and improve their Chinese writing skills through appreciating excellent works from both the famous writers and other students. In addition to this point, we also believe that our app can encourage students to write for their beautiful campus by posting their works on this co-construction eLearning tool. During 01-06/2018, “Language Map of CUHK 2.0” had been downloaded by 269 CUHK users and 169 creative works submitted by CUHK students had been received.

In this year, several interactive functions (Q&A functions, smart tips for literacy appreciation) have been enhanced to further reinforce “Language Map of CUHK 2.0”. Apart from the description of new functions of the map, we would like to interpret the practical values of the map in facilitating “CUHK Literary Walk” and explain how to integrate this app into the assessment of CHLT 1100 in the poster. We will take reference to the comments and opinions from the guests and other participants for further amendment of the app.




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